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Buyers' Guide

Lifestyle Property Europe has an extensive database of property covering the Costa del Sol and inland areas of southern Spain.

We tailor your viewings to meet your requirements in style, price and area of your choice. If you do not know the Costa del Sol well, we will listen carefully to what you say and recommend and show you different areas and properties that meet your requirements.

We will explain the differences between the busier coastal areas to the tranquil inland villages, show you villas or traditional fincas, show you traditional Spanish buildings and more modern building techniques that blend into the surroundings.

So come with us to see what Spain has to offer, relax and let us guide you through the viewing, and hopefully, the buying process.

Legal Representation

Legal representation is a must in Spain, even if you speak the language fluently. If you are considering purchasing property in Spain, you are advised to appoint a lawyer to protect YOUR interests.

Do not take the offer to use the vendors’ lawyer as although this can save you a little money in the short term, remember who their obligation is to.

We at Lifestyle Property Europe will advise you on recommended lawyers who are fluent in your language, who are relevant to and have extensive knowledge in the area of your purchase and that we are satisfied will look after YOUR interests. We accept no payments or commissions from these introductions, but we do expect in return that you are treated with the highest professionalism and you receive quality service.

All transactions carried out in Spain must be completed in the Spanish language to be legal. So it is vital that your lawyers are multilingual and you receive copies both in Spanish and English. You will be advised at every stage of the purchase proceedure and your interests protected.

Lawyers' fees are generally levied at a charge of 1 to 1.5% of the total purchase price. All our recommended lawyers charge between 0.75% to 1% at this moment in time. The total buying costs are around 10.5% for resale properties and around 13% for new properties including your lawyer's fees.

Sellers' Guide

Selling Your Property

If you already have a property and wish to sell it, please contact us and we will come and give you a free valuation.

Should you allow us to list your property, we will take all necessary measures for the sale of your property.

All viewings will be accompanied by a responsible member of staff. No charges are made for these facilities.

Our retail price of your property will include a sensible commission, not an outlandish figure as charged by some others.

We deal with real people and are a realistic company.

We are also able to hold keys on your behalf, should you be away and in need of a property management service.

We can also supply electricians, plumbers, etc. if needed. Please ask for further details.

Costa del Sol - Area Guide

It is important to carefully consider what area of the Costa del Sol you wish to purchase a property in. Here is a little information about the coastal and inland areas.

Between Málaga and Gibraltar you don't only find beautiful villas and apartments, but also many kilometres of sandy beaches, extensive sports and leisure facilities, and excellent restaurants and bars. The coast is more relaxed in winter, and very busy in summer. Nevertheless, even then you can still find oasises of quiet areas.

The pretty inland has also a lot to offer, and you will find everything from rustic to modern fincas, new style apartments, townhouses, and even property on a golf course.
Prices tend to be cheaper inland and the further north you go, but be aware of the logistics. It is no fun to go out for a litre of milk and face a longer drive. So we advise no further than 45 minutes inland to be sensible.